Joan Quirós - Lettering
Joan Quirós is an independent professional focused on lettering and illustration.

Yorokobu Magazine Cover

I had the pleasure to be commissioned to create the cover of the 78th issue of the Spanish magazine Yorokobu. They gave me total freedom to develop it, so I decided to create an expressive calligraphic layout. Analysing the covers on the past issues, I realised that the most part of them were made with digital tools on their whole, so I thought that would be a nice idea to elaborate something organic and textured, where the feeling of the ink on the paper would have a high presence.

The most part of this cover was made by hand, using a flat brush and ink on a very rough paper and, for applying the finishings like the 3D and the shadows, I used digital tools, creating on that way a mixture of handmade and digital feeling.