Joan Quirós - Lettering
Joan Quirós is an independent professional focused on lettering and illustration.

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Online Shop

All the personal data obtained during the purchasing process will be used exclusively for delivery and invoicing purposes of my products and this information will be never shared or sold to any third parties.

I only keep your personal data in the invoice of your purchase. That invoice will be destroyed at the end of the Spanish legal period, regarding of the treatment for this kind of documents.

I will keep your data safe and secure on my computer, on a external hard drive and Dropbox.

I have a contract with an external accounting services company to manage all the legal data and tax information. This company keep your personal data in the invoice I send them just for tax purposes. That invoice will be destroyed at the end of the legal period of Spain, regarding of the treatment for this kind of documents.

Payments: I use the PayPal payment platform, which is located within the European Economic Area, and which ensures to protect your data according to its privacy policy. I also use Stripe, which you can know more on their website.

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All the data provided in the contact form will be used only and exclusively to answer your questions, request an estimate or establish a conversation with you.

This data will not be assigned to third parties or used for other purposes.

If you use this form it's because you are interested in establish a conversation with me, requesting information about my business, or working with me. All the data obtained by the Contact Forms is used to establish the basis for the communication between you and me about our possible collaboration.

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I will only send news and information about the studio, as well as promotion about my products and workshops. Your data will not be ceded to third parties nor used for other purposes than marketing my brand.

The platform used for better management of emails provided by users is Mailchimp. Only emails whose subscription has been confirmed by the user directly will be registered.

You will be able to unsubscribe at any time and, until then, I will treat your data.

All you data will be stored on Mailchimp’s servers in the United States, taken care with a Privacy Shield. You can read their Privacy Policy here.


In case you decide to contact me directly by email, I have to let you know that your email information will be stored in the 1and1 servers.

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