Joan Quirós - Lettering
Joan Quirós is an independent professional focused on lettering and illustration.

El Rey Arturo y sus Caballeros de la Tabla Redonda


Project Info

Year: 2016

Client: Austral – Planeta de Libros

Art Direction: Laura Comellas


The Challenge

Born in 1937, Austral is a Spanish publishing house which is a Grupo Planeta imprint, fuelled by the most universal and authentic backlist of all time.

They recently released a collection called Austral Intrépida which brings together the most emblematic books of children’s and young adults literature. This new collection has a special design which gives a value to the book as an exclusive object.

Their challenge was to create a cover for one of the new releases for this collection: El Rey Arturo y sus Caballeros de la Tabla Redonda (King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table).

As other titles of the collection, this cover should have a lettering as a main subject, accompanied by some illustrative elements related to the story in order to be attractive to the target audience (young adults).


The Process

After doing a research of visual references and documentation, I started sketching roughly layouts and different ways to dispose all elements, as well as the styles on the lettering. At this stage I decided to give the main focus to El Rey Arturo, so the title would have different levels of hierarchy.

Once I had the style and the general layout defined I proceeded to develop the sketch working together with the art director, Laura Comellas, exploring the best path to follow until I had a final sketch ready to be vectorised.



The Result

The creative process never finishes when sketching ends so, during the vectorisation, the book cover was modified and developed until the composition was balanced.

On this stage I tried different effects and color schemes as well as the creation of the background, which was elaborated using a dragon scale pattern and a representation of the Round Table, joining all the elements together on a medieval environment.