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My 2016 Accomplishments


I’ve always been attracted by the possibility of doing an extensive revision of the year we’re leaving behind in order to analyse what happened in the last 365 days on my career. Usually, it’s something I do in my mind and it never comes out of it so, this time I’ve decided to transform it on a blog post. In general terms, this has been a very intense year, I’ve tried to work as hard as I can, overcoming some fears and implementing some discipline in my daily routine, so let's go with that list:

· Gave three talks:

I’ve always been a very shy person, so the idea of seeing myself on a stage talking in public it’s been terrifying for me. This is one of the fears I've overcome this year, or, at least, I’ve tried to do it.

Last February I was invited to give a short speech at the 21st Pechakucha Night in Valencia, and I think it was the perfect format for starting to talk in public due to it’s format (20 images, each for 20 seconds).

The second one was the 7th International Typography Congress in Valencia, it was very scary and amazing at the same time, but was a great pleasure to be speaking on a congress where I’ve seen the most part of my professional heroes in the last years.

Last October I was invited to give a talk at Vlanc, a design festival organised by people from Valencia and Barcelona. It was the first time I was speaking in front of so many people, but it was so fun!

· Started waking up at 5AM:

A drastic change I’ve implemented this year is the way I spend my time, so started waking up early in order to do the most important thing for my growth as a professional: Practicing and exploring. I just do this during the weekdays, and I’m still adjusting my method, but I’ve found it very pleasant. I’ll try to talk more deeply about my experience on a dedicated blog post.

· Built a daily practice routine:

Thanks to becoming an early bird, I’ve found time to practice everyday deliberately without excuses for not doing it. I’ve implemented it as a daily habit, just like having my breakfast or brushing my teeth.

· Started to schedule my days:

I have to admit that I haven’t done this as much consistently as I wanted to do it, but scheduling my days have helped me to plan how I’ll spend my time the next day, including a to-do list, and trying to get the entire list marked as done at the end of the day.

· I’ve published regularly on my blog:

This has been the first year publishing regularly on this blog, specially on my Calligraphy Journal, a thing I’ve never done before. I’m planning to share a different kind of content on this platform for the next 2017, so stay tuned!

· Got so much attention on my work:

This year I’ve worked with new clients which have been interested in what I do. They have discovered my work because I’ve been showing up on the internet or they have attended one of my talks.

Also, I’ve been featured on different magazines, books and blogs, so this turns into more eyes looking what I’m doing.

· Gave six workshops:

This 2016 has been the year in which more workshops I’ve given, most of them at design schools. It’s been a pleasure sharing my knowledge and expertise with my students and receiving positive feedback from them!

· Started to write:

To be honest, I’ve always thought that I’m bad at writing, but that was just an excuse for not doing it. This year I’ve understood the importance of writing and transforming my thoughts into pixels on a screen, giving to my mind some free space and being more conscious of what’s happening to me and on my environment. I haven’t been as much consistent as I’d like, but also it's been a double challenge, as English isn’t my mother tongue, but I’ll work on it in the next 2017!

· I met interesting people and collaborated with other professionals:

One of the great things of being a solo entrepreneur is that I’ve met a lot of interesting people, specially when I’ve attended an event, I’ve given a workshop or I’ve given a talk. Also, this have allowed me to collaborate with other freelancers and learn a lot from them.

As a conclusion, writing this list has helped me to be aware of all the good things that has happened to me in just a year and how valuable it becomes when you get it out of your head and fill a blank page with it.

Of course, I already have a list of all the goals I want to reach for the next 2017 and it’s longer than this year’s accomplishments, so that means that I’m on the right way and I have to work harder.

Thanks so much for stopping by!