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I can’t believe that a year has passed since I came back to Valencia after spending some time living and working in London. I have to admit that it’s been an intense year, full of new projects, teaching and learning calligraphy, and it hasn’t finished yet!  For that reason, I have been quite busy during the last months and, consequently, I haven’t enjoyed a proper holiday time. That means that my head is starting to get a bit overwhelmed. Also, last April I became an early riser and started waking up at 6AM during the weekdays so, on that way, I can do calligraphy every day with all my energy, without any kind of distraction and producing at the first thing of the day. This is affecting directly to my energy level and I’m feeling that it’s decreasing little by little (I have to work on going earlier to bed), so this week off will help me to recharge my energy, physically and mentally.

On the other hand, this little gap also means that I’m pausing my calligraphy journal, so I’ll be back with more new content in two weeks!

The importance of time off

Now that I’m writing about this topic, I want to use the occasion to mention the importance that has to enjoy the time off in order to free our minds, experimenting new things and playing around. Some of the most creative people like Ferran Adrià and  Stefan Sagmeister take sabbatical periods for that purpose.

I encourage you to watch this video from a TED talk by Stefan Sagmeister where he talks about the power of time off. I find this mindset really inspiring so I’m sure this will be a great practice to consider in a near future, but in a smaller scale.