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Calligraphy Journal #9


Welcome to another issue of my Calligraphy Journal! Last week I gave to my sketchbook some free time and took the decision to practice on two individual A4 sheets. As I’ve got some guidelines already prepared for doing quick practices, I decided to maximise the productivity during my daily practice time avoiding to draw the guidelines with pencil because I’m having some busy days.


So, for starting the week, I wanted to keep practicing my italics writing a long text by Hermann Zapf with a 1 mm Brause nib. Regarding some issues with some letterspacing and misspellings, I’m noticing small improvements on them. I haven’t had any academic training or taken any proper broad pen italics workshop, so I’m learning and correcting mistakes through observation, analysis and self criticism.

I’m happy with the general look and texture of this page, but there are still lot of work to do with them!


So, on Wednesday I started working on the second page, using the same guidelines and the same text I used on the last exercise but, this time, writing it in a mix of roman minuscules and italics. I’ve always loved how these two scripts work together and the typographical feeling they have so I decided to mix them up using the same x height in black and gray.


Again, I’m still dealing with some letterspacing and misspellings, but I’m noticing  improvements on rhythm and distribution, specially on this word, pictured while I was working on the page.

Thanks for stopping by, see you on next week!