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Calligraphy Journal #7


Hello! Finally, as I promised, I’m back to this Calligraphy Journal after a couple of weeks of hiatus. Last week was a very varied one, the first thing I did last Monday was to continue a page I did the week before going on holidays on my sketchbook. I already had done the Roman capitals in light grey with a 2 mm nib and the final word done in an expressive italic with a pointed brush, so I decided to continue writing this text in a humanistic script with red gouache and a 1.9 mm nib. I’m still experimenting and trying to find the right mixture of water and gouache and also, the hot weather we had last week around here didn’t help, because the gouache was getting dry too fast on the nib’s tip.

Talking about the general layout, there's something there that annoys me. I still have to figure out why, but maybe is due to the length of the lines, the proportions of both scripts or the colour combination.


During the rest of the week, I worked on this double page of my sketchbook. I love this kind of doubles where the sheet allows me to play with the layout.

The first part I did was the alphabet in Roman capitals with a 1.9 mm nib. I decided to do it without any kind of guidelines and writing the letters randomly in order to break the routine, so it has a slightly casual touch. In spite of having some mistakes (as the width of the M and the spacing between some letters) I’m quite happy with it.

Right after finishing this alphabet, I decided to continue playing with letterforms and rhythms, so I started writing a text in italics playing with the width of some letters to create a dynamic and rhythmic text block. I’m aware that the broad-nib italics aren’t between my specialities, but I’m noticing that their quality is improving little by little.

Thinking about the styles I could fill the following page with, I decided to write another text in textura gothic. It was a while since last time I did a proper text in blackletter, so decided to go ahead with it, using a 0.8 mm nib. I’m pretty happy with the general look of this block and how the combination of roman capitals and blackletter works. German and blackletter is always a sure thing!

On Sunday, I woke up quite humanistic, so decided to fill the gap with this script using a 0.75 mm nib with walnut ink. There’s something on writing in small format that attracts me, but maybe you’re missing larger letters :D

And, for ending this double, I did the pointed brush alphabet, a little bit messy, but it is what it is.