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Calligraphy Journal #5


Last week was a pretty intense one, I’ve been working on a commissioned lettering project and I’m still working on the migration to Wordpress and dealing with the headaches that web design is causing me but, hopefully, you’ll be able to read the next issue of my Calligraphy Journal through the new website!

This week I’ve invested all my practice time on a double page of my sketchbook, believe it or not, it has taken me several hours to complete these couple of pages. Those who are following me on Instagram have been able to watch small capsules of the daily process through the story section of my profile.

The first thing I did was to think and do the guides in order to get a general idea of the layout, and this time I wanted to play to be an editorial designer. When I had my scheme clear I applied the red acrylic line that turns the composition into two parts.

The challenge came when I started to write the roman capitals over the red stripe. The surface became a little bit glossy because of the acrylic paint and it required to do some tests of the density of the white gouache in order to write properly. I’m not quite happy with the result, but it’s the price you have to pay when you’re using the trial and error method.

When I finished the central part of the layout I decided to fill the blank spaces wit a roman minuscule, comprising them in different columns in order to observe how they work. These minuscules were made with a Nº 5 William Mitchell Roundhand nib (0.6 mm) with an x height of 4 mm. I still find difficult to write in small sizes, but I’ll keep working on it!