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Last week was a quite intense week. I started working on a project and, also, I started the migration process of my website to WordPress in order to improve some important features. That requires a huge amount of work, but it doesn't mean that I have to stop practising and improving my letterforms. I focused my last week's exercises on Humanistic/Roman minuscule and Italic hands.

I’ve always loved how these styles work together so, as you can see on the left page of my sketchbook, I created a full text mixing them. I’m happy with the result, but I’m aware that I still have to improve these italics. This awareness brought me to do a full page of them. On this page, I decided to create a compact text, that means placing the ascenders and descenders are on the same place, taking the risk of touching each other but, it didn’t go quite bad in that aspect. In general, I’m pretty happy with the structure, but I’m still struggling with the slant and some spacings and weights so I’ll keep practising long texts!


An interesting aspect about last week is that I’ve been back to the walls after a year and a half without grabbing a can. It shows clearly that I’m rusted, and I felt that my hand was too heavy, but it was nice to share a wall with my friends and to spend a great summer Sunday afternoon with them. Yes, I know that this is not calligraphy but, in some way, they are letterforms, isn’t it?