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Hey! I'm back again with some news about my progress, this week I've worked on some explorations with layouts and mixtures. The first one is a single page, where I've explored different visual tensions, playing with the composition and color contrast, Since I was a graphic design student at the university, I've always loved the work of the Russian constructivists like El Lissitzky and Aleksandr Rodchenko, so you can see a clear influence of their work on this page. Also, you can see here a mixture of three different styles: A humanist in the centre, made with a Nº6 Mitchell nib (around 0,5 mm), a blackletter, made with a Nº6 Mitchell nib (around 0,75 mm) and a copperplate made with a Gillott 907.


On the following double page I've created a mix of roman capitals (yes, again) with a Nº2 flat brush and an expressive script made with cola pen. I'm not quite happy with these romans, I'm still struggling with some letterforms and the consistency of some strokes (and it has lots of mistakes) but I like how this different styles work together. It hasn't to be an excuse, but doing romans in Summer at 35°C without air conditioning is not an easy thing to do, specially when the ink dries very fast on your brush.

I've assumed that, mastering roman capitals, is a long way to go (specially to do a proper M at the first attempt), so the better solution to solve it is persistency and patience. It may take five years to do solid and consistent roman capitals, so I'll keep annoying you with this kind of letters.


And, for finishing the week, I met up with my very good friend Hipos on Sunday afternoon to draw some stuff and doing calligraphy, so I took his iPad Pro and the Procreate App in order to have some fun and and to experiment with new tools, and I have to admit that I'm very impressed with this new device. It took me more than thirty minutes to get used to it, but once I did it, I realised that it is more than a toy to spend a Sunday afternoon, it is very a very powerful device that allows you to create a very high resolution files which you can continue to develop on the computer. Those who know me, know how much I love working on paper, so I don't think that this is the best tool for doing calligraphy, but is a good device to consider in the future for sketching and doing an specific kind of lettering and other stuff, specially if you travel very often.

This is a quick alphabet I did with the iPad Pro:

Alphabet-iPad-Pro-Joan Quiros.jpg