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Hey! As I promised, I'm back after a week with my Calligraphy Journal. This week I’ve been focusing all my efforts on the biggest artwork I’ve ever done with roman capitals. As I have so much to improve on this hand, I decided to write part of the long text from the Lyon Tablet, a beautiful ancient tablet made by bronze which contains the transcript of a speech given by Claudius, a Roman emperor in 48 AD.

As I said, I’ve invested all my practice hours during this week to develop this piece of 90 x 81 centimetres, with an average of 45 minutes dedicated to each line. The X height of these letters is 2,3 centimetres, using a Nº2 flat brush and Talens white gouache on kraft paper.

With this exercise I’ve came to the conclusion that I still have a lot of work ahead with some letterforms and spacing, specially with the rounded letters as the O and the C, the S and the M, the most difficult letter to execute in the roman alphabet. I’ve also realised that I still have to find the best proportion of gouache and water to write on rough surfaces, due to I wrote the text on the roughest face of this kraft paper, so I’ll keep experimenting! But In my favour, I have to say that, the smaller the brush is, the more difficult is to do roman capitals, so doing this artwork with the smallest flat brush in the market is a real challenge.

I'm happy with the result and the general look of the artwork, but you'll never see it hanged in the walls of a museum or gallery. Maybe this is a sketch or a prelude of a serious artwork.


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