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Calligraphy Journal #17 - Hiatus


Hello! If you’re reading this you may have noticed that it’s been awhile since last time I wrote a post on my Calligraphy Journal. On my last entry I talked about a two week hiatus, because I was attending a calligraphy workshop with Oriol Miró. The idea was to write a chronicle about my experience there (I will do it), but I’m having my hands busy with some commissioned projects and workshops and I’m feeling overwhelmed at this moment.

Until now, I’ve been dedicating the most part of my Sundays creating each blog post, this include taking the pictures of the work I’ve done from Monday to Saturday, editing them and writing my thoughts and all the information in English, having barely free time to relax and enjoying my family during the whole week.

This situation has made me think about this journal and the way I’ve been posting, so I’ve decided to pause it in order to think about the continuity of this series, the value I can give you as a reader, to figure out which method can be better to publish weekly on this blog and if it’s aligned with my goals.

It’s always hard to break a commitment, so this isn’t an easy decision, but I’ve always been taking care of the quality of the content I’m publishing on this platform and I don’t want it to be decreasing little by little.

Anyway, I’ll keep posting regular content on my social platforms as regular as my schedule allows me and I’ll keep active this blog with news and updates about what’s happening on the studio. If you have some thoughts, comments or just want to say hi, feel free to drop me a few lines, I will appreciate it so much.

Thanks so much for stopping by.