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Calligraphy Journal #16


Hello! Welcome to my Calligraphy Journal! On this 16th week I’m showing you my progress with some new scripts.


I’ll ignore that spontaneous alphabet in blackletter, as I did it the week before, so I started the week with a study of Roman square capitals (capitalis quadrata), based on a manuscript written by Virgil in the 5th century A.D. This model is very close to the inscriptional Roman capitals, but with a shorter X height, which makes them bolder and slightly less stylised. On the following day, I decided to keep studying Virgil’s work and I made my first lines of Rustic. It’s obvious that the text has a lack of consistency and bad spacing, it wasn’t easy to execute the manipulations of the pen angle, so I’ll need to fill more pages in order to improve these letterforms.

On Wednesday, I started the day studying the 9th century uncials which appears on the right page. This script requires also a some kind of manipulation on the pen angle, so it’s easy to underestimate them at the first sight. On this case, the spacing on my first attempt of doing uncials is awful and inconsistent, but the only way to study them is by getting my hands dirty.

For finishing the week, I did a small study of a simpler model of uncials, from the 4-5th centuries. This one requires less manipulation and its ductus is quite similar to other scripts I’ve studied before like the carolingian script and schematic Roman capitals.

I’m happy with the result of this study, in spite of some issues with the spacing.

I’m taking a two week hiatus on my Calligraphy Journal, This doesn’t mean that I’m stopping to work on it, but next Sunday I won’t be able to prepare the weekly blog post. I will tell you why in a couple of weeks, stay tuned!!