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Calligraphy Journal #15


Hey! I’m back to my Calligraphy Journal with some updates about my progress. Last week I decided to work on my sketchbook, studying a new script I’ve never done before: Gothic bastarda. I started the week working on a small layout made of a combination of roman capitals and italics, both in a very small size (the romans are 8 mm height and the x height of the italics is 3 mm). I’m not happy at all with the result, but I’m aware that doing roman capitals with a metallic nib in small sizes is not an easy task.

So, at this point, I took the decision to explore different paths and to make a study of the gothic bastarda, based on different models and manuscripts.

I like the overall looking of the texts written in gothic bastarda and the rhythm they have, but I’ll need more hours of practice to get a script with a decent consistency.


Thanks so much for stopping by, see you on next week!