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Calligraphy Journal #14


Hey! Welcome to the fourteenth issue of my Calligraphy Journal! Last week was a productive one, I did a couple of gothic rotunda studies and I finished an artwork for an exhibition.


So for starting the week, I decided to focus my efforts on finishing my contribution for a collaborative exhibition which will take place at the middle of November in Valencia. Last week I showed you some sketches, so here is a sneak peak of the final piece. I’ll share the whole artwork after the opening, stay tuned!



During the rest of the week, I worked simultaneously on two rotunda gothic studies. One is an interpretation of a fragment from the first chronicle of the Llibre dels Feyts (Book of deeds), a collection of autobiographical chronicles of the reign of James I The Conqueror, King of Aragon, of Mallorca and Valencia and Count of Barcelona.

This book was written in rotunda, and the earliest copy that has survived is from 1343.


I wrote this fragment with a 1 mm Brause nib on a piece of handmade cotton paper (210 x 294 mm), using walnut ink. In general, I’m happy with the consistency of the the text, ins spite of some difficulties I had writing with a small nib on a textured handmade paper.


My second rotunda study of the week was based on a manuscript written in Valencia of the ordination of Peter III of Aragon, the eldest son of James I The Conqueror.

This page on my sketchbook is the result of the study of the whole manuscript, including all the characters which appear on it, using a 1,5 mm Brause nib and sumi ink.

Thanks so much for stopping by, see you on next week!