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Calligraphy Journal #13


Hey! Welcome to my thirteen calligraphy Journal! Last week was a nice one for my studies, so this Monday I’m bringing you some gothic rotunda studies and roman capitals sketches.

Divina-Comedia-Joan Quiros-Calligraphy-Journal.png

I started the week working on my sketchbook, doing a study of rotunda gothic which appears on a manuscript of La Divina Commedia (The Divine Comedy). This manuscript was written between 1444 and 1450 in Italy (Tuscany) and part of its provenance is the following one: Alfonso V, king of Aragon, Naples and Sicily (reigned 1416 to 1458): his arms (f. 1r). Ferdinand (Fernando de Aragón), Duke of Calabria (b. 1488, d. 1550): his donation to the convent of San Miguel, Valencia in 1538. The monastery of San Miguel de los Reyes, Valencia, 1613: inscribed 'Ex commissione dominorum Inquisitorum Valentie vidi et expurgavi secundum expurgatorium novum Madriti 1612. As it says, on a moment of its life, this manuscript was in a monastery in Valencia from 1538 and was bought by Henry Yates Thompson from Luis Mayans in May 1901, being bequathed to the British Museum in 1941. This manuscript is part of the history of my city (Valencia) and it’s written in rotunda (the gothic which was used in the Mediterranean), so this motivated me to study and analyse this script, as it’s part of my cultural heritage.


I made this full study using a 1,5 mm metallic nib and walnut ink, trying to include all the characters excepting the uppercase ones, due to they don’t appear in its entirely during the book.


On the other hand, during this week, I’ve been working on a calligraphy artwork for an exhibition I’m taking part next November, I’m still at the sketching process. As it’s been almost three months since last time I did brush roman capitals, I’m still feeling that my hand is rusted, so I’ll keep working on this original artwork in A3 format. I’ll keep you posted!

Thanks so much for stopping by, see you on next week!