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Calligraphy Journal #12

Welcome to the twelfth edition of my Calligraphy Journal! On last week, I continued working on the full detailed page I showed you on the eleventh post.


When I finished the first half roundel, I started to write some lines in gothic rotunda, and, while I was writing it, I thought it could be a nice idea to create another half roundel at the bottom of the page, both separated by two columns of rotunda, using a 0,75 mm nib with an X height of 3 mm. This would create a symmetric layout, so I took the decision to have some fun applying that symmetry to both blocks too. Also, I applied that symmetry on the chromatic combination of both half roundels, changing the order on the colors.

Talking about the chromatic range, there’s another game on the combination of every part of this page, playing with complementary colors: Yellow & blue, green & red.


So, for doing the second half roundel, I chose a combination of schematic roman capitals and italics, writing them in light yellow and a custom burnt sienna I did. The roman capitals are 4,5 mm height, using a 0,75 mm Brause nib, and the X height of the italics is 2,5 mm, and I used a Nº 6 Mitchell nib (0.5 mm).

In order to fill the blank space on the bottom of the page, I wrote some lines in blackletter using a Nº4 Mitchell nib (0,8 mm).


In spite of  some issues, I’m quite happy with the overall look of this page, specially with the layout, but I’m conscious that I still have lots to improve on my small scale writing.

Thanks so much for stopping by, see you on next week!