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Calligraphy Journal #11


Hello! Welcome to the eleventh week of my Calligraphy Journal! This entry may be shorter than the last ones, last week I started to work on a very detailed page on my sketchbook at the same time I made some changes on my daily routine, so I have to get used to my new timetable to be as much productive as I was before.


On Monday, I took the decision to tackle the blank page doing something that I haven’t done before: Creating a circular calligraphic layout. I never found enough motivation to do this kind of layouts, maybe because I was seeing lots of people doing it at the same time and didn’t want to follow that trend. By the way, I thought it could be good to do it on a different way and playing with different layouts in the same page.

It took me one session to draw all the lines and guides, so I started on Tuesday doing the texture gothic in Payne’s gray.

Also, I have to mention that it's the first time I use pan watercolors for doing calligraphy with dip pens. Usually, I just was using them for doing brush lettering, using liquid watercolors (Talens Ecoline) exclusively with metallic nibs. I’m very happy with the natural look they have, and, also, I can create custom colors on an easier way. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.


I continued working on this half roundel on Wednesday, adding some lines of carolinginan script in light blue in order to create a contrast of forms and color.

On Thursday, I filled the blank spaces on the top of the page with some lines of schematic romans in gold yellow in order to give compactness to the page as a whole, and I finished adding a line of compressed gothics on the center of the half roundel.


For finishing the week, I started writing some lines in gothic rotunda. This page is still in progress, so hope to show you the final result on the twelfth Calligraphy Journal.


On the other hand, I did a small exercise of expressivity using italics with the word ‘self discipline’, referring to some actions I’ve taken in my life since last April.

Thanks for stopping by, see you on next week!