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Calligraphy Journal #10


Hello! Welcome to my tenth Calligraphy Journal, last week I focused my practices on italics and roman capitals.


I decided to start the week doing a study from a manuscript written by Bernardino Cataneo in cancellaresca corsiva in 1545. I really loved the structure and the flourishes of Cataneo’s work, so thought it could be a nice idea to copy it in order to internalise some basic concepts, as there’s nothing better than studying the real masters of italian calligraphy.

It took me two sessions (around 4 hours) to write the text and the alphabet below with a 1 mm Brause metallic nib and walnut ink. Even though it’s a copy of a manuscript, I made some mistakes on the spacing of some words but, in general, I’m happy with the result and I’ve learnt a lot of things.


So, for continuing my exercises during the rest of the week, I worked on a full page combining schematical roman capitals and italics, creating a contrast in forms and colours using a Nº4 Mitchell nib (0.8 mm) in both scripts. I had some fun writing the roman capitals, playing with the rhythm, modifying the widths of some letters and creating some ligatures.


I’m happy with the general look of this page, in spite of some issues with spacing in both scripts. Also, I think it needs more contrast between them so, in my opinion, it could look better if I’d used a smaller nib for the italics.

For finishing the week, on Friday night, I played a little bit with a flat brush before having my dinner, having fun and exploring different shapes and letterforms which ended in doing this alphabet of italics with serifs.


Thanks for stopping by, see you on next week!